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Founder and President

Shaffaq Jaffery

Shafaq Jaffery has been serving the Pakistani community in Australia for over 14 years in various capacities. She has housed and supported victims of family domestic violence using a wholistic approach within her own home. She is the founder and CEO of Pehchan TV and Public Officer of the Australian Humanity Support Group. She is a journalist and social activist and has worked across community and stakeholder engagement, event management, and cross-cultural community support.

She is a strong advocate of the empowerment of women. Shafaq’s dream and vision is to create an organisation for Pakistani women and men to achieve their full potential. By meeting the cultural and linguistic (CALD) needs of this demographic and as a result empowering the whole community. Through this association she aims to provide a platform where women can thrive and succeed which is also highlighted in her slogan “Together We will Rise”.

What makes us ? Stand out of Crowd

Our team is built on the idea of reaching worldwide clients while providing them localization services that are specific to their region. This philosophy enables us to provide effective  services to global women in a variety of industries and time zones.

  • Our team is made of very professional linguist who are highly credible and very experienced in their job.
  • Our offices are available to provide and satisfy our clients with in depth cultural expertise and understanding.
  • Services are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to guarantee that they satisfy the highest quality requirements.
  • Workflow solutions are flexible, allowing our clients to effectively improve performance.
  • Clients can access projects and do Quality Checks whenever they want visiting our websites.

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