Advocate -APWA NEST (Community Hub & home for Her)

The single most handicap to gaining autonomy with the community is access to services. Although the services exist within Australian infrastructure, most women are unware how to tap into them. APWA provides the assistance and guidance to help navigate these systems using culturally and linguistically specific support on a case by case basis. APWA is the bridge that provides collective network and contacts to point members in the right direction towards economic empowerment. Within the Pakistani cultural paradigm women exist within two homes, first of their parents, second of that with their husband. By means of mediation with estranged in-laws and family, providing a third Safeway and neutral place APWA provides a medium to foster engagement and mutual understanding.

Mediation, Legal advice, Family Court

Multicultural Police Officers

Access to Government Services – Centrelink, Medicare, ATO, NDIS, Home Affairs.