APWA Nest can work because of the incredible generosity of our Volunteers. If you have time or talent that you believe could help our charity, reach out directly to one of our Team Leaders. Volunteers are required for a variety of programs that APWA is offering.

Time to Spare: We need help with the day to day running of APWA Nest and with fundraising events. Along with training, mentoring, fitness and more. If you have some time to support any of our activities, please fill this form to join our team

Items: Running a Shelter requires a lot of items. Items welcome for donation for APWA Nest are non-perishable foodstuffs, laundry and cleaning products, personal and hygiene items for residents. Donations of office supplies can be made. Do let us know what items not mentioned above you would like to donate.

We welcome professionals to donate some time to our shelter to facilitate various activities and programs

Drivers are a key role required for our programs. Drivers are needed to pickup and deliver, transport to appointments, activities etc

APWA nest aims to have shelters in all major cities – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Tasmania, Perth and more. So we need an army of volunteers. 

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